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Body Corporate:
What is a Body Corporate?

The Body Corporate is the collective name given to the owners of the units within an apartment block. The Body Corporate is there to manage and maintain the property, which includes common property like the driveways, communal green spaces, swimming pool etc as well as exclusive use areas.

What facilities does Royce Heights Apartments have to offer?

Residents of Royce Heights Apartments will be able to enjoy the clubhouse, restaurant, and our top-of-the-range gym facility.

Royce Heights Apartments is supremely positioned close to OR Thambo international airport, close to various highways like the N12 and the N17, and it is less than a kilometer away from El Ridge shopping center!

Parking space:
Does Royce Heights Apartments offer parking space?

Residents of Royce Heights Apartments have two allocated parking space within the new development.

Structure & Layout:
What is the structure & layout of Royce Heights Apartments like?

View the structure and layout of Royce Heights Apartments here:

Pet Friendly:
Is Royce Heights Apartments pet-friendly? If so, which pets are/are not allowed?

Yes! Pets under knee height (25cm) are allowed.

Can tenants of Royce Heights Apartments paint/renovate their apartment unit?

Yes! As long as there are no visible changes from the outside and no structural changes.

What maintenance are you, as the owner liable for and what will be covered by the Body Corporate?

As the owner of a Royce Heights Apartment, you are responsible for all internal appliances, walls etc. Anything to do with the outside of the Royce Heights Apartment falls under the Body Corporate.

How often is maintenance done on Royce Heights Apartments?

The maintenance for Royce Heights Apartments is usually done annually.

What are levies?

Levies are the costs involved in running the complex, and include municipal rates and taxes, limited building insurance coverage, as well as repairs and maintenance.

What are my levies for Royce Heights Apartments?

The levies for Royce Heights Apartments are +- R1000.

What do my levies cover in Royce Heights Apartments?

Your levies for Royce Heights Apartments cover for security, gym, general maintenance, refuse removal, bond service and insurance of the structure of the property.

Transfer Duties:
Are the transfer duties included when purchasing a Royce Heights Apartment?

Yes! When purchasing an apartment unit in this new development, Royce Heights Apartments, the transfer duties are included.

New Development:
Is Royce Heights Apartments a new development?

Yes! – Royce Heights Apartments is a new development for sale situated in Boksburg.

Are Royce Heights Apartments for sale?

Yes! Royce Heights Apartments are currently for sale, and can be purchased directly from the developer.

Can Royce Heights Apartments be purchased directly from the developer?

Yes, as mentioned previously, Royce Heights Apartments can be purchased directly from the developer.

Are Royce Heights Apartments available to rent?

Yes! Royce Heights Apartments are available to rent, or rent to buy!

Where is Royce Heights Apartments located at?

The exact address for Royce Heights Apartments is 33 Rolls Royce, Impala Park, Boksburg.

How much do apartments at Royce Heights Apartments cost?

Royce Heights Apartments are upscale apartments with a purchase price starting at R1 299 000. Look at our Pricing and Availability here: